“In my 15 years as an administrator, nothing has been more impactful for improving classroom instruction than video coaching. The coaching process coupled with the use of the Sibme platform improves what happens in the classroom by providing teachers the opportunity to see classroom practices through the same lens as the instructional coach. The results of this process benefit the academic performance of all students.”

Dr. Tonya Goree

Principal, Francone Elementary School (TX)
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New Teacher/ Mentor Programs

“The Sibme video sharing platform helps facilitate an important and continuous dialogue about instructional practice in our Alternative Teacher Certification Program.”

Diana Gomez

Coordinator of Mentoring, Pasadena ISD (TX)
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Professional Learning Communities

“Schools spend thousands of dollars on staff development each year, with little or no follow through or proof of implementation. Our campus uses Sibme to facilitate the implementation of staff development using a peer coaching/collaboration model. We will never turn back to the old ways of delivering and implementing new learning to our teachers!”

Becky Koop

Principal, Pope Elementary School
Cypress Fairbanks ISD (TX)
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School Districts

“As a program manager for a district-wide program in Houston ISD, it can be challenging to capture meaningful data on the improvement of teachers. Sibme's customized framework and user-friendly analytics platform makes it easy to see what teachers across the district are doing to collaborate, and to identify trends around instructional practices. Additionally, training new staff is a breeze because of Sibme's user-friendly interface.”

TJ Hoffman

Program Manager, Career Pathways
Houston Independent School District (TX)

Higher Education

“I use Sibme to coach my student teachers in their final semester as graduate students earning their Masters in the Art of Teaching. Considering the student teaching semester is the culminating experience, Sibme allows my students and I to collaboratively work together and identify areas of weaknesses and strengths, which ultimately allows for more effective feedback. Sibme also connects the students to multiple classrooms, with all students sharing in the experiences of each other and seeing not only the successes but also the multiple ways to implement lessons.”

Dr. Matthew McConn

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education
SUNY Binghamton (NY)

Instructional Coaching

“Sibme is a platform that not only enables us to make coaching more productive and efficient, it truly empowers and equips teachers to see themselves as the owners of their own development.”

Ferron Morgan

Associate School Director, DSST: Cole High School (CO)

Education Service Centers

“Sibme enables me to use digitally recorded lessons to be more efficient and intentional with my instructional coaching as I foster reflective practice with teachers.”

Julie Scarlato

Education Consultant, Hamilton County Education Service Center (OH)

Virtual Coaching

“As a Virtual Coach, I build relationships and teacher capacity with weekly coaching calls. Recently, I found a tool that allows me to watch videos of my teachers in action. Now, with the Sibme web and mobile platform, I am able to build capacity by effectively blending coaching calls with time-stamped feedback on teacher-submitted video clips-making every moment a teachable moment.”

Kelly Garris

Virtual Instructional Coach, Canton (MI)

Education Consultants

“Sibme's video coaching platform is without question the best way to manage coaching relationships at scale, within a school or across great distances. It's what I use with my coaching clients, and what I recommend to schools, districts, and agencies seeking to make their coaching efforts more systematic and impactful!”

Justin Baeder

Director, The Principal Center